Lim Young-woong’s total sales in the first half of 2022 is 37.6 billion won… He earned more than BTS (TMI NEWS SHOW)

Singer Lim Young-woong topped the list of stars who earned the most in the first half of this year, followed by BTS in second place.

The July 27th broadcast of “TMI NEWS SHOW” aired under the theme of “First half of 2022! BEST 10 stars with top-tier incomes/sales”. Singer Ha Sung-woon, YOUNITE’s Eun-ho and Eun-sang appeared as guests.

The 10th place on the list went to Stray Kids. Adding up the sales of Stray Kids’s two-day fanmeeting in February, album “ODDINARY” released in March, concerts and tours, the group was estimated to have earned about 30.4 billion won in the first half of this year. Therefore, each member of Stray Kids got paid about 3.8 billion won. 

SEVENTEEN ranked No.9 on the list. SEVENTEEN’s first fanmeeting in Korea in two and 6 months gained a total sales of 1.555 billion won for three days. With the sales of their Seoul concert and 4th album added, SEVENTEEN was said to have earned about 62.4 billion won in total. Each member of the group was estimated to have received about 4.8 billion won. SEVENTEEN will released their 4th full-length repackage album in the second half of this year and meet global fans through their world tour.

TWICE was named on the ranking at 8th place. TWICE held their 4th world tour this year and made 22.8 billion won with all of their U.S shows. Their performance at Tokyo Dome in Japan generated 18 billion won. In addition to concert sales, TWICE earned a total amount of 50 billion won after adding sales from live viewing shows and CFs. This means each member got paid 5.5 billion won.

The 7th place belonged to NCT DREAM. Album “Glitch Mode” released by NCT DREAM in March recorded 1.41 million copies of pre-orders and 30.1 billion won in total sales. By releasing two albums within the first half of 2022, NCT DREAM earned approximately 49.8 billion won (7.1 won per member). 

Comedian Yoo Jae-seok appeared on the list in 6th place. Yoo Jae-seok, who is well-loved for his sincere personality and witty talks, is revealed to have gained 1.5 billion won from 97 episodes of 5 entertainment shows he is doing. Adding up the figure with his advertisement sales, Yoo Jae-seok’s total sales in the first half of this year was estimated to be about 7.8 billion won.

Actor Lee Byung-hun was named in 5th place. Advertising brands are constantly sending love calls to global star Lee Byung-hun. With 6 commercials have been done so far, Lee Byung-hun earned 4.8 billion won. Moreover, his appearance in tvN’s drama “Our Blues” also generated about 3 billion won. Lee Byung-hun’s total income in the first half of 2022 amounted to approximately 7.8 billion won. 

In fourth place was actor Ma Dong-seok. “The Roundup 2”, which was produced and starred by the actor himself became the first film to sell 10 million tickets since the start of the corona pandemic. As of the end of June, total revenue for the movie surpassed 120.7 billion won, easily surpassing the 13 billion won production cost by almost ten-fold. Therefore, Ma Dong-seok’s earnings in the first half are estimated at about 12 billion won.

Third place was actress Jeon Ji-hyun. Since her debut at the age of 16, Jeon Ji-hyun has captivated the public, and is now still ranked as the number one actress when it comes to advertising earnings. Jeon Ji Hyun has been a model for a chicken restaurant chain for 9 years, and the brand’s sales went up five-fold since hiring her, from 82.6 billion won to 400.4 billion won. 

Jeon Ji-hyun is also the first model for a beer brand, which is now renewing their contract with the actress for the 3rd time. Currently, Jeon Ji-hyun’s advertising fee is estimated to be around 1 billion won, and her earnings for the first half of 2022 are estimated to fall around 13 billion won. 

Second place was BTS. Starting with “DNA”, a total of 31 the group’s songs have entered the Billboard charts. In addition, the first week sales of their 9th anniversary album, “Proof”, surpassed 2.76 million won, with the album becoming a “double million seller” within one day. From these sales alone, the group has earned a revenue of 53.1 billion won, while their advertising model fee was 5 billion won, making their total CF earning in the first half to rake up to 40.4 billion won. Combining total music sales and advertisement deals, BTS has earned about 93.1 billion in the first half of 2022. 

In addition, the group also garnered an exponential amount from their performances. The combined sales from their Seoul and online concerts amounted to 55.6 billion won, while concert sales in the US fell around 46.6 billion won. In total, all concerts of BTS raked up to a 246.4 billion won revenue, meaning around 35.2 billion won per member. 

First place was trot artist Lim Young-woong. The average ticket price for the nationwide concert tour of Lim Young-woong, which started in May, was 135,600 won. In Goyang, Changwon, and Gwangju, Young-woong Lim’s three concerts in the first half of the year earned about 9.3 billion won in sales.

In the advertising world, love calls for Lim Young-woong are also streaming in. Within the first half of the year, the trot singer shot 5 CF films, including products like ice coffee machines, clothing, and health foods. As of 2021, Lim Young-woong’s advertising fee per CF film is about 300 to 400 million won, and his total advertising revenue in the first half is about 2 billion won.

Lim Young-woong’s first full-length album “IM HERO” recorded the first sales of 1.1 million copies, which entailed around 26.2 billion won. This makes the total earnings of Lim Young-woong in the first half of the year, including concerts, advertising fees, and album sales, about 37.6 billion won. In terms of per capita sales alone, the trot singer earned more than one BTS member.

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