Let’s take a look at the contestants who will compete to become the next generation of I.O.I and Wanna One

Even though there is no official information yet, the contestants for “Produce X101” is showing bit by bit.

After the success of “Produce 101” season 1, season 2, “Produce48” with the debut of I.O.I, Wanna One and IZ*ONE, Mnet continues the project for the next project group of national producers through the 4th season called “Produce X101” which is  going on air in April 2019.

The most successful season must be season 2 with the discovery of the national center Kang Daniel and million of votes. Realizing the love audience has for the male trainees, in season 4 fans will get to see once again the heated battle to become the next Wanna One between male trainees.

As soon as the information about “Produce X 101” is announced, the first thing fans want to know about is the contestants participating in the program. As nothing can bypass the eyes of netizens, after only a short time, the information and images of the male trainees participating are spread all over the social media. Just by looking at the contestants below, it is somewhat possible to confirm that “Produce X 101” will surely gain no less attention and votes than “Produce 101 season 2“.

Jay Chang, the guy who participated in the “Under 19” program
Kang Hyukmoon
Kim Binwho also joined “Under 19
Im Jimin, the guy who made a strong impression with his dancing talent at “The Fan
Another potential candidate came from “Under 19” – Bang Junhyuk
Park Dong Goon of YGK + stood out as a Vietnamese-Korean
Jo Woochan, the “youthful” rapper who has impressed at “Show Me The Money” season 6
Chen Bokai, the handsome young trainee from Pledis
Yoon Hyunsuk is from C9
Kim Dong Bin used to participate in “Produce 101 season 2
Song Byunghee comes from Fave Entertainment

“Produce X 101” is not only filled with new faces but also because of the appearance of some idols who has become popular in Kpop before. Perhaps after the successful participation and comeback of Nu’est, some groups that have had a long time of music activities also come to “Produce 101” as a great opportunity to revive their careers.

No Minwoo Boyfriend‘s youngest
Chunji – The main vocalist of TEEN TOP
Lee Hohyeon TRCNG
Oh Seongri SPEED

Although the participants are only rumors because “Produce X 101” has not yet officially broadcasted, this is enough to attract great public attention and become the signal for a successful season of “Produce 101 “. “Produce X 101” will officially air in April 2019.

Source: kenh14

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