Let’s get melted with BTS this May!

BTS has just announced their official comeback date through a trailer on their YouTube channel!

At 0 o’clock on April 27 (KST), YouTube channel BANGTANTV uploaded a video with teaser BTS ‘Butter’ Logo Trailer.

Fans were shocked because this trailer lasted for more than an hour. In the video is an image of a block of butter with the BTS logo on a yellow background with the same sound as in a kitchen.

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lets get melted with bts this may 1379w487
lets get melted with bts this may 137929481

Over time, the butter melts and reveals a black line. As a result, the fans’ hearts also seemed to melt like butter because this inscription is the date and time of BTS’s comeback. Especially, Big Hit’s boys will make their comeback on May 21, at 13:00 KST.

lets get melted with bts this may 137929482

Fans believe that the upcoming song will have a vibrant summer vibe. Right now, ARMYs are also hot as butter on a pan because of this news! Let’s look forward to BTS’s hot comeback this May!

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