Lee Sun-bin and Choi Si-won’s bed scene in “Work Later, Drink Now” that could make Lee Kwang-soo jealou

Ahn So-hee (Lee Sun-bin) and Kang Buk-gu (Choi Si-won) eventually had a hot night in “Work Later, Drink Now”.

The latest episode of Tving’s “Work Later, Drink Now” depicts a development in the romance of entertainment writer Ahn So-hee and the freaky entertainment producer Kang Buk-gu. After being completely drunk, Ahn So-hee accidentally kissed Kang Buk-gu. She came across Kang Buk-gu, who was eating cup noodles in a convenience store, then went in and kissed him.

Work Later, Drink Now
Work Later, Drink Now

When being drunk, the person in front of her suddenly appeared to look so handsome. Ahn So-hee was drunk, then she pushed Kang Buk-gu roughly and attempted strong skinships. While not being able to hold back her sexual desire and getting immersed in the kiss, she spent the whole night with Kang Buk-gu but regretted it the following day.

Work Later, Drink Now

While working on the next day, Kang Buk-gu said, “Oh… My back hurt”, comfortably implying that he slept with her last night, but that made Ahn So-hee nervous. The bed scene of Lee Sun-bin and Choi Si-won was much intense than the viewers’ expectations. That’s why it drew enthusiastic reactions after the release.

However, some K-Drama fans commented and also mentioned Lee Kwang-soo, who has been dating Lee Sun-bin publicly for 4 years, saying, “Lee Kwang-soo must be so jealous (watching this scene)”, “Lee Kwang-soo, close your eyes!”

Meanwhile, the drama “Work Later, Drink Now” is created based on a famous webtoon, which is marked “teenager restricted”. Apart from Lee Sun-bin and Choi Si-won, Han Sun-hwa, Jung Eun-ji and Kim Jung-min also appear in this series. This drama tells the stories of 30-year-old women who enjoy drinking alcohol at the end of the day.

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