Lee Seung Gi has returned to Hook Ent after 20 days in his independent career and affairs

Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi joined back to Hook Entertainment, which he has been with for 17 years since his debut. 

On 10th June, Ho Entertainment officially announced: “We will once again sign a management contract with Lee Seung Gi and we will continue to fully support him with his active workas we have done for the past 17 years.” 

Prior to this, Lee Seung Gi established his own one-mancompany Human Made to promote independently. He left Hook Entertainment, where he had been with for 17 years and chose to pursue solo career. Surround that time, there were rumors that he was in relationship with actress Gyeon Miri’s second daughter Lee Da In. Few days later, he officially confirmed their relationship through Human Made. 

While Lee Seung Gi left the agency and admitted his relationship, a strong backlash from fans raised up. 

Last month, some fans made it clear that they discourage his dating with Lee Da In through a truck protest in front of Lee Seung Gi’s house. Because of rumors about Lee Da In’s adoptive father, fans can’t support their relationship, not because of Lee Seung Gi. For 17 years after his debut, he has been famous for his honest and exemplary image. Therefore, this publiced relationship was quite a fatal blow for him. 

Lee Seung Gi

While the mixed opinions continue, Lee Seung Gi eventually joined back Hook Entertainment and also maintains his one-man agency. Hook Entertainment will support his management.

As stated in the official position, the independence of Lee Seung Gi, who is preparing for a new challenge as a one-man agency, was emphasized. But in fact, it is a renewal contract that is no different from the previous one. It is a popular analysis that such a judgment is to cope with criticism that arose at the same time as he confirmed dating. 

Lee Seung Gi debuted in 2004 with his debut song “Because you’re my woman”. He drew attention for his outstanding singing ability. He has achieved notable achievements in each field by challenging not only his main job as a singer, but also entertainment and acting. Lee Seung Gi, who was widely loved by men and women of all ages without any gossip, has been through the most eventful 20 days in his career. Attention is focused on what steps the actor will take in the future, after returning to his former agency.

Source: Nate

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