Lee Seo-jin becomes a “manager” this time… “For my actor” (Call My Agent!)

tvN’s “Call My Agent!” released a legacy teaser video of the four Method Entertainment managers: Lee Seo-jin, Kwak Sun-young, Seo Hyun-woo and Joo Hyun-young.

tvN’s new drama “Call My Agent!” (directed by Baek Seung-ryong/written by Park So-young, Lee Chan/produced by Studio Dragon, Baram Pictures) depicts the lives of celebrity managers of an entertainment management company called Method Entertainment, whose work is professional and life is amateur.

Call My Agent

It takes the helping hands of countless people to make a star that shines brilliantly in front of our eyes. Among them, the manager, who does not spare 24 hours of support, is considered a hidden contributor to the star. This is because they are united with the will and passion to do everything for “my actor”. In this regard, in the legacy teaser video released today (Sep 26th), you can get a glimpse of the struggles of the four Method Entertainment managers: Matthew (Lee Seo-jin), Chun Jae-in (Kwak Sun-young), Kim Jung-don (Seo Hyun-woo) and So Hyun-joo (Joo Hyun-young).

In the video, Matthew, Chun Jae-in, Kim Jung-don and So Hyun-joo are persuading someone beyond their cell phones with their own work style. The cool-headed elite general director Matthew puts pressure skillfully yet subtly, “You won’t regret it.” On the other hand, the team leader Chun Jae-in is showing her knife-like professionalism, “Give me some time.” The pure team leader Kim Jung-don is expressing his opinion gently yet strongly, while new manager So Hyun-joo is still struggling to solve the issue as she has just joined the company.

Call My Agent

When the other party hangs up the phone in spite of such enthusiasm, an emergency alarm sound rings in the heads of those who shout “Hold on”. However, no matter how low the possibility, the four Method Entertainment managers never step down. As a last resort, they go directly to the people they are talking to and ambitiously bring in profile books. It is the part where the indomitable will of “I’ll do anything if it’s for my actor!” stands out. Viewers are looking forward to seeing how much more this passionate energy, which makes them feel hot just by a short video, will burn during the broadcast.

The production team said, “Managers really do everything for their actors. That unconditional passion will fill the small screen in November. We ask for your expectations for the realistic story of the managers who live behind the scenes to make stars shine more brilliantly.”

“Call My Agent!” is based on a series of the same name that aired in France and became a “national drama”. Director Baek Seung-ryong, who opened a unique and fresh world of directing while penetrating the public’s fun points through “SNL Korea” and “Pegasus Market”, is in charge of directing. Writer Park So-young, who encompasses various genres through “Meloholic” and “I Hate Going To Work”, is the main writer. Besides, the writers who were active on entertainment programs join the team to capture both “big fun” and empathy. “Call My Agent!” will premiere on tvN in November.

Source: Daum

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