Lee Min Ho released a new vlog but fans suspected that he is dating Kim Go Eun

Fans wait impatiently for Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun to publicize their relationship

Although the Immortal King has ended for a long time, the main couple Lee Min Ho – Kim Go Eun is still loved by fans and netizens.  The reason is that the two actors have revealed a series of dating hints.  Kim Go Eun is also the first girl to appear on Lee Min Ho’s Instagram.

Recently, netizens have discovered convincing evidence that the couple is actually dating.  In Lee Min Ho’s new vlog, netizens discovered that in the actor’s room there were some photos.  Although these photos have been blurred, netizens have realized that this is a photo taken with Kim Go Eun.

This discovery excited netizens and shippers of the couple.  Lee Min Ho not only posted a photo of Kim Go Eun on social media but even stuck a picture of her in the room.  Netizens are all excited and hope the couple will soon publicize their relationship.  Lee Min Ho – Kim Go Eun was commented to be an extremely well-matched couple, receiving great support from the public.

Sources: kenh14

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