Lee Jung-jae surpassed Kim Hye-soo and Jung Ho-yeon to top March Movie Actor Brand Reputation Rankings

Actor Lee Jung-jae topped the March Movie Actor Brand Reputation Rankings.

On March 9th, The Korean Business Research Institute announced the results of big data analysis in March 2022 for movie star brand reputations. According to the results, Lee Jung-jae was named No. 1 in the the March Movie Actor Brand Reputation Rankings, Kim Hye-soo in second place, and Jung Ho-yeon in third place.

Kim Hye-soo
Kim Hye-soo / News1

The results are based on analyzing 29,197,858 brand big data of 50 movie actors from the 9th of last month to the 9th of this month to measure consumers’ brand participation, media, communication, and community index.

Jung Ho-yeon
Jung Ho-yeon’s Instagram

Koo Chang-hwan, director of the Korean Business Research Institute, said, “As a result of the brand reputation analysis of movie stars in March 2022, movie star Lee Jung-jae’s brand ranked first. According to a detailed analysis, his brand consumption fell 29.21%, brand issues rose 126.42%, brand communication rose 25.30%, and brand spread rose 38.46%.”

Lee Jung-jae

Next, in the link analysis of the Lee Jung-jae brand, “Awarded, Congratulated, and Appreciated” was highly analyzed, and in the keyword analysis, “Squid Game, Best Actor Award, and Advertising Model” was highly analyzed.

Meanwhile, Lee Jung-jae and his colleague Jung Woo-sung donated 100 million won each to neighborhoods affected by forest fire.

results of big data analysis of movie actor brand reputation in March 2022

Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association (hereinafter referred to as Hope Bridge) announced on March 8th that Lee Jung-jae and Jung Woo-sung each donated 100 million won to support victims of the recent forest fire in Korea. Hope Bridge plans to provide relief supplies for victims with the donations and contribute to the recovery of damage.

results of big data analysis of movie actor brand reputation in March 2022

Lee Jung-jae said, “I hope that the victims of forest fires will return to their daily lives quickly, and I hope it will be of some help to the victims and everyone who strives to extinguish the fire.”

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