Lee Jung Jae shocked the audience with a gangster image in “Deliver Us From Evil”

With the success of Squid Game, the world audience had the opportunity to know Lee Jung Jae, a well-loved veteran actor in Korea.

Far from the incapable, debt-ridden but humane Gi Hun in Squid Game, in the blockbuster “Deliver Us From Evil”, actor Lee Jung Jae once transformed into Ray – a cold-blooded, brutal gangster and stone-cold killer to achieve his goals.

“Deliver Us From Evil” revolves around the tense and suffocating chase of the retired assassin In Nam (Hwang Jung Min) and the ruthless slayer Ray (Lee Jung Jae). In Nam travels to Thailand to find his kidnapped daughter, in which he confronts Ray – the merciless villain who goes after In Nam to avenge his brother’s murder.

In “Deliver Us From Evil”, viewers are satisfied with the well-organized, careful investment in each action scene. Not only are the punching, killing scenes of the underworld lifelike, but Lee Jung Jae also pushed the plot to climax with the image of a crazy villain with guns and bombs to take revenge.

Not only having successfully performed unbelievably realistic action sequences, but Lee Jung Jae also excellently immersed himself in the role of a creepy, but still hauntingly calm murderer.

The behind-the-scenes photos also show that Lee Jung Jae put a lot of effort and endured a lot of hardship to portray the scary villain – Ray.

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