Lee Jung Jae confessed that he wants to work with Lee Byung Hun in Season 2

On September 29, Lee Jung Jae appears in a video interview promoting “Squid Game”, in which he answers a question about his cameo role in the series.

Lee Byung Hun only appears in about half of the episode, but still impresses the audience. He plays the game’s master, and also the lost brother that police officer Hwang In Ho (Wi Ha Joon) is looking for. In a recent interview, Lee Jung Jae also shared about Lee Byung Hun’s appearance in Squid Game and the relationship between the two.

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When asked how he felt working together with Lee Byung Hun, who appeared as a cameo, Lee Jung Jae answered, “I’m close with Lee Byung Hun. We have known each other since our debut and have worked in the same company for several years. Strangely, I didn’t have a chance to act with him. He made a special appearance in “Squid Game”, but I met him in only one scene.

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Lastly, Lee Jung Jae confessed, “If Season 2 of ‘Squid Game’ comes out, of course, I want to work with Lee Byung Hun. Even if I can’t appear in Season 2, I really want to work with him in other movies.

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Lee Byung Hun also recently posted a picture of a gift that Squid Game’s production crew gave him. Fans are predicting that Lee Byung Hun, the Front Man in season 1, could return in season 2 as a player.

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