Lee Jun Ho talks new drama “King the Land”, chemistry with Yoona, solo album, and more 

Lee Jun Ho will viewers through JTBC’s new drama “King the Land” this year. “King the Land” is the story of a man who despises laughter (played by Lee Jun Ho) and a woman who has to laugh (played by Yoona) at the VVIP lounge Kingdom, the dream of hoteliers. This drama is drawing attention as it marks the drama collaboration between two members from 2PM and Girls’ Generation, the representative idol groups of the 2nd generation. Lee Jun Ho and Yoona have worked together as MCs of the MBC Gayo Daejejeon for two consecutive years from 2021, and have already confirmed their extraordinary chemistry through special stages.

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When asked about the high expectations for his chemistry with Yoona in “King the Land”, Lee Jun Ho said, “I think there is such anticipation because we received a lot of love and interest when MCing for ‘MBC Gayo Daejejeon’. Yoona is a singer I’ve known since I was young, so I’m comfortable with her.  The inner intimacy is high, but rather, when I chose this work, I recognized her entirely as an actor. Our images seem to fit well, and I also thought, ‘I have to act well’ as an actor. Our chemistry is also good. I think it will be a drama that can be enjoyed in a lighthearted and fun way.”

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Regarding his solo album, Lee Jun Ho said, “I think it will only be possible if there are songs and performances that I can really do and want to show. I’m trying to write my own songs. Rather than releasing an album driven by a plan, I have a desire to come out when it’s completed to some extent. I want to keep many possibilities open. Right now, it’s ambiguous to say to the fans, ‘I want to give you (a solo album) someday’, but when there’s something specific, I want to surprise them and come out.

He continued, “In the past, if I just enjoyed singing and dancing, I hope the message I’m trying to convey is clearer these days. I want to give fans a definite joy and impression. It gets harder because my thoughts are deeper.”

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Talking about his changes as he gets more mature with age, Lee Jun Ho said, “In my early 30s, I avoided talking about my age. I tend not to avoid it now.  For me, I think my age is a good age. I also think it’s fortunate that I got to star in ‘The Red Sleeve’ after I have matured a bit more mentally.”

When asked about his vision for the future, Lee Jun Ho responded, “I want to become a good actor and a good singer. In the past, the expressions of an actor whom you can and a singer whom you can ‘trust and listen to’ were used a lot. Of course, I want that too. I want to be more ambitious and become an actor you want to see and a singer you want to hear.”

Source: Daum

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