Lee Jong Suk is really dating the actress of “Itaewon Class”?

Former journalist Kim Yongho continues to reveal the relationship between these two famous actors

In recent days, netizens have turned their attention to the YouTube channel of former reporter Kim Yongho. Accordingly, this former reporter regularly reveals secrets about celebrities in Korea. After Kim Yongho revealed the facts about Seo Ye Ji and her relationship with famous boyfriends, his YouTube channel received significant attention from the public.

Lee Jong Suk is really dating the actress of "Itaewon Class"?

Recently, a netizen discovered that Kim Yongho had revealed that Lee Yong Suk was dating the actress of “Itaewon Class,” Kwon Nara. There have been many rumors in the past about the two actors’ relationship, which both sides have denied. However, after Kim Yongho’s revelations about Seo Ye Ji from 9 months ago, netizens believe that the information he gives is reliable, including Lee Yong Suk’s relationship with Kwon Nara.

Lee Jong Suk is really dating the actress of "Itaewon Class"?

According to the former reporter, since both actors belong to the same company, they said they are just close sunbae-hoobae. Kim Yongho further revealed that Lee Yong Suk gave Kwon Nara a Ferrari as a present.

Below the article of the netizen above, a lot of comments have been left:

1. [+387, -8] This is what that journalist reported 9 months ago: 1. Seo Yeji Kim Jung Hyun 2. Seo Yeji dated Kim Soohyun, but she’s now dating his older cousin. 3. Lee Jongsuk and Kwon Nara are still dating. 4. Kim Soohyun’s private life, he has no control over any girl (T/N: or girls have no control over him?). 5. Seo Yeji is acting like a queen on set because she thinks of herself as Jun Jihyun link to the video

2. [+362, -1] I don’t think that they have any intention to hide it either. Even in Lee Jongsuk’s company, the only two celebrities they have are Lee Jongsuk and Kwon Naraㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+285, -5] Hul seeing it like this, isn’t Kwon Nara’s image close to Lee Nayoung’s? She has deep double eyelids, and anyone can see that she is a beauty. She’s also tall like a model… Lee Jongsuk’s tastes are seriously consistent

4. [+215, -2] Celebrities’ images after U-know Yunho have just shattered… so I don’t trust their images anymore

6. [+181, -1] For real, I’m begging you; please skip on Kim Soohyun…… He’s been solidly making his image ever since My Love From the Star

Sources: pannchoa

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