Lee Jin Ho reveals shocking transcript of conversations between Chuu’s mother and LOONA’s CEO, “B doesn’t make eye contact with Chuu”

Reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin Ho mentioned the conflict between Chuu (Kim Ji Woo, 23 years old) and LOONA members.

In his new Youtube video uploaded on December 22nd, Lee Jin Ho claimed that LOONA members suffered damage due to Chuu’s behaviors.

LOONA’s agency Blockberry Creative earlier announced that Chuu was expelled from the group due to abuse of power over staff. Later, Kakaotalk messages showing Chuu asking and pressuring her manager to adjust the schedule in order to reduce waiting for filming under the pretext of participating in group activities were reported through various media outlets. In response, Chuu refuted the allegations, saying “I’ve never done anything to be ashamed of”.


In the transcript released by Lee Jin Ho, member B said to their agency’s CEO, saying “Chuu said she would leave. Other members already took one or two cuts each and were done with the shoot. Didn’t we have a group dance? Now she suddenly says she’s leaving. We practiced the choreography with 12 members but then had to do it with 11 people. We were informed of it out of a sudden and had to follow the situation. I think it doesn’t make sense at all”.

Lee Jin Ho said, “Settlement issue is the matter between Chuu and the agency. However, the controversy has forced other members to suffer mental damage as well”, adding “In particular, the problem happened right when they were about to film the group dance so they couldn’t even film the last scenes. Whenever an issue occurred, the members had no choice but to watch the situation helplessly. It means all the damage went back to the members.”


This was not the only problem. It is known that Chuu’s mother also interfered with the filming of Mnet’s “Queendom”. Chuu’s mother told Blockberry Creative’s CEO, “Promise this when you have a meeting with the members. Especially, please pay attention so that Chuu doesn’t get stressed out because of members B or C”, adding “B doesn’t even make eye contact with Chuu. D, too. E doesn’t even greet her. If there is a strange atmosphere between them, it would show right away.”

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Lee Jin Ho explained, “Since Chuu was one of the most famous members and she could control her schedule, other members couldn’t talk to Chuu rashly and had to keep an eye on the situation”, adding “Another family member of Chuu even texted the members directly to point out problems in their activities. In this situation, Chuu’s mother even got involved in the meeting with the members and called out their names one by one.”

Chuu has not released any statement regarding the abuse of power allegation.

Source: wikitree

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