Lee Ji-eun, “I lost weight while promoting ‘Lilac’. I started filming ‘Broker’ a few days later”

“Broker” Lee Ji-eun recalled the time of her first shoot.

On June 7th, Lee Ji-eun met Sports Today at a cafe in Jongno-gu, Seoul to talk about the movie “Broker” (directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda, produced by Zip Cinema).


Broker” revolves around characters associated with baby boxes, which allow infants to be dropped off anonymously to be cared for by others. Lee Ji-eun plays So-young, a single mother who decides to leave her baby at the baby box. Contrary to her slender figure, So-young was portrayed with an intense yet honest appearance.


In this regard, Lee Ji-eun said, “Last year, I had the first shoot just a few days after promotional activities for ‘Lilac’. I lost a lot of weight unwillingly at that time.” She added, “I met the director after a long time during the first filming. I thought he wouldn’t like it, so I asked if I should gain weight. He said it’d be better to be skinny in the beginning of the movie.”


She explained, “At first, I kept on losing weight. Then, in the second half, I took off the smokey makeup and wore comfortable clothes. I tried to express the change visually, such as wearing warm clothes.” Besides, Lee Ji-eun revealed a memorable evaluation related to the work. She confessed, “There was a reaction saying ‘Lee Ji-eun’s face is impressive. The director seems to have used Lee Ji-eun’s face a lot.'”

Source: Daum

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