Lee Hyun: “I’m close to BTS Jin and Jimin”, “RM is difficult to bond with.”

Lee Hyun, who appeared on MBC’s talk show “Radio Star,” made a mention of his close relationship with BTS.

He shared about the fact that him being in the same agency with BTS, “If people know that I’m from BigHit, they will ask questions like “How come you’re in the same agency with BTS? In fact, I’m the first singer to join the company.”

Lee also mentioned his label-mate, BTS. “Jimin and I have many things in common.” Lee said. “When we step down from the stage, we both always feel sorry“, he said. About Jin, “He would use my cell phone to take our selfie. Then he would look at that selfie and cheer me up.” Lee Hyun said. “Sometimes Jin began to snarl when he came to me and said, “How does it feel to work with a world star?

On the other hand, while talking about BTS’s leader RM, he said, “He is really smart. I feel like I’m getting smaller in front of him.” “He’s a difficult brother. I want to have a drink with him, but that’s all what I feel like doing with that friend.

Not only did Lee express his admiration to BTS, but he also showed off his high-level dance skills with the vocal imitations of Big Hit chief Bang Si-hyuk and had a B-Boy battle with Kim Johan.

Souces: visualdive

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