Lee Hyori boasts a huge transformation… “You have to have long hair”

The current status of famous singer Lee Hyori has been revealed.

On the afternoon of October 12th, the real older sister of Lee Hyori posted a photo of her sister, Lee Hyori, on her Instagram story.

In the photo, Lee Hyori can be seen wearing a backpack the size of her entire torso at the airport, comfy loose pants, as well as a cap and hat. 

lee hyori

In addition, Lee Hyori, who recently drew attention with her unconventional wolf-cut hair style, caught the attention of netizens by showing off a style transformation with a new innocent long hair look.

With the photo, Lee Hyori’s older sister also added the caption “Today”, and a message full of affect, “Yes, you have to have long hair. Your sister likes that ♡”

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori married musician Lee Sangsoon in 2013 and is living in Jeju Island.

Source: Nate

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