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Lee Hyo Ri reveals her shocking past story: “They touched and harassed me”

Singer Lee Hyo Ri told the difficulties she faced when she was a member of Fin.K.L.

In the latest episode of “Seoul Check-in,” which aired on Dec 5th, Lee Hyo Ri and her friends headed to Yangpyeong Ski Resort. Eun Ji Won, Kim Jong Min, Shin Ji, and Din Din, who were together with Lee Hyo Ri in this episode, shared the stories of their past activities.

Lee Hyo-ri

When Din Din asked, “I heard gangsters used to come to your events in the past,” Lee Hyo Ri replied, “We couldn’t do any business back then.”

Shin Ji recalled the time, saying, “They threw fruit, wet towels, and they just touched us everywhere.”

Lee Hyo Ri also said, “We often had to pass through the crowds that are filled with our fans. They touched our butt, take off our wig…There were a lot of things like that in the past,” she said, revealing her difficult experience.

Lee Hyo-ri

Shin Ji also recalled the past, saying, “They even smacked us, asking why we didn’t greet them.”

Lee Hyo Ri and her friends, who were immersed in stories of the past, started confessing their past mistakes.

Lee Hyo-ri

Lee Hyo Ri said, “It was a lip-sync performance, but I didn’t know the microphone was on,” adding, “I sang it as I wanted because it was a lip-sync stage, but it all went on air.”

Eun Ji Won joked, “It’s a relief that you guys didn’t have to disband then,” adding, “As we looked back in time, the public’s eyes back then were very generous.”

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