After the fainting on stage incident at Korea University in Seoul on the afternoon of September 15 evoking pitifulness from the public, AOA Seolhyun posted on Instagram to soothe fans.

Hello, I’m Seolhyun,” Seolhyun said on her Instagram account on the afternoon of the 16th. “It was fine before stage yesterday, but I think I had a hard time during the performance because my condition wasn’t good.

“It wasn’t cold inside the room, but I’ll dress warmly in the future,” she said. “Thank you for your concern. I’d like to say I’m sorry to the members who were so worried and all the people who came to the performance. I’ll show you a good performance in the future with good health.

However, a comment from their senior FT Island Lee Hongki became the center of attention.

Health is the most important. You should gain weight just like me.

Public opinion is spreading online as Hongki’s recklessness is sharply divided into “being worried about his junior“, “dissing his agency” and “unappropriate advice in the current situation“.

Sources: Nate