Lee Hi looks sexy with a tattoo on her chest

Singer Lee Hi has just updated new photos, showing off her mature charisma.

Lee Hi

On August 15, Lee Hi posted some photos on her Instagram with the caption: “Guess what”

In the picture, Lee Hi gave a sexy pose in a deep-chested black dress. The black dress contrast with Lee Hi’s white skin, showing off her alluring sexiness.

Lee Hi

Especially, the reveal of a tattoo on Lee Hi’s chest raised the curiosity of fans. The tattoo had a unique symbol and mysterious pictures, attracting fans’ attention.

Meanwhile, on March 14, Lee Hi released the song “Dear You (Romance 101 x Lee Hi)”.She also appeared in JTBC’s reality show “Begin Again Open Mic”. Last April, she starred in “Hoody’s Home Dining”, a web variety program.


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