Lee Hi hit the 1,000-day mark of disappearing from Kpop industry

Once considered a promising artist of Kpop, but after 6 years of debut, Lee Hi is witnessing a music career stalling on the spot but cannot do anything.

The runner-up of Kpop Star” season 1– the most popular program at the time, Lee Hi, got into the entertainment industry thanks to a contract with YG Entertainment. She released her first album and immediately achieved success when the debut song “1,2,3,4” dominated the charts and set a series of records. At that time, a lot of articles considered Lee Hi the most successful soloist from “Kpop Star” as she was only the runner-up but her popularity surpassed the Champion’s. However, it was the story of 6 years ago, Lee Hi is struggling with coming back.

Lee Hi is witnessing a music career stalling on the spot but cannot do anything.

January 15th will be the 1000th day Lee Hi disappears from music charts – a painful and sarcastic memory for her. Now no one remembers the last time she appeared on weekly music shows. Although Lee Hi fans were also frustrated by promises from YG’s leader, there are not any plans yet. Lee Hi did not even hesitate to hide her lost belief in YG as the 6-year-old artist only has 2 albums, while the current rookie like The Boyz made 5 comebacks in the first year.

In the 1000 days of Lee Hi disappearing, we could have enough time to witness the transfer of Kpop generations, the rise of the 3rd generation idol groups like Twice and BTS, and the disbandment of 2nd generation legends like Miss A, 2NE1, Wonder Girls or BEAST (now HIGHLIGHT). The memories of Lee Hi’s fans are forced to stop in 2016, now even the juniors from the same company, BlackPink, also surpassed her position. Young music groups are getting more and more fans, the senior groups are increasingly strengthening their position in the industry. Only Lee Hi, for nearly 1000 days, has not even made one comeback.

Lee Hi is witnessing a music career stalling on the spot but cannot do anything.

In the remaining 4 years of contract, Lee Hi could only release 2 more albums, but this is still extremely vague when YG’s plans for 2019 do not mention Lee Hi. The company will focus more on new boy groups and girl groups’ schedules, and Lee Hi’s career will probably continue to stagnant.

Yang CEO once said that the company always tries to create the best conditions for artists and supports them so that they could produce great music. But 1000 days is still a long time, isn’t it?

Source: KCLive

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