Lee Dong-wook’s shocking transformation into a shameless and cheeky corrupted officer in “Bad and Crazy”

Lee Dong-wook will once again break his own spectrum through tvN’s new drama “Bad and Crazy” 

tvN’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Bad Crazy,” which will premiere on December 17th, recently released Lee Dong-wook’s character cut on Nov 16th, showing his total transformation into a cheeky, success-oriented investigator.

lee dong wook

Bad and Crazy” is a character recovery hero drama that features a crazy but righteous guy called K and a competent but bad guy called Soo-yeol. A team of actors with unique identities including Lee Dong-wook, Wi Ha-joon, Han Ji-eun, and Cha Hak-yeon, and the production team of “The Uncanny Counter” will meet to showcase a pleasant and hot hero story that has never been seen before. On top of that, Lee Dong-wook and Wi Ha-joon, who will completely erase the image of their previous work and showcase their crazy off-beat chemistry, are highly expected.

In this regard, Lee Dong-wook, who is continuously creating new astounding characters with his unlimited acting skills in each work, will become a success-oriented detective called Soo-yeol this time. The colorful appearance of corrupt detective Lee Dong-wook, who showcased his shameless and cheeky side in the released teaser, arouses interest from the audience. When something goes against his wish, Soo-yeol is feisty as if he would pull the trigger at any moment, but when he see the reward in front of him, it automatically stimulates his reversal.

lee dong wook

Lee Dong-wook’s resentful Soo-yeol is a master of rationalization in his era, who puts all his heart into fulfilling his self-interest. For his promotion at work, even if he feels guilty, he hides his inner thoughts with a relaxed smile, knows how to close his eyes to most injustice, and survives a fierce survival competition with a superior sense than anyone else. However, as soon as Soo-yeol tries to snatch himself some wealth and honor, his life begins to get twisted with the appearance of a crazy justice helmet man K (Wi Ha-joon).

As Lee Dong-wook shows his total transformation into an attractive success-oriented detective, the viewers are highly expecting his acting. Meanwhile, Lee Dong-wook said, “Soo-yeol is the main character of the drama, but he is not nice, and he is a bad guy who will do anything for success and promotion. It’s a very different role from the characters I’ve played so far. I think the viewers will be entertained by his characteristics.

Meanwhile, tvN’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Bad and Crazy” is a work where the production team of “The Uncanny Counter“, which wrote a new history for OCN’s dramas, reunited. It will premiere at 10:40 p.m. on Friday, December 17th.


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