Lee Dong-wook will appear on “Workman” and become a part-time staff at a pizza store

Actor Lee Dong-wook will show up as a one-day part-time staff on Studio Lululala’s web entertainment show “Workman”.

Following last week’s episode, Lee Dongwook will appear in the ‘pizza store’ episode – fast-food series’s second part and experienced working as a staff at a store that makes pizza for single pax. Since pizza is is a kind of fast food, which usually takes about 5 minutes, the audiences are curious about the combination of Jang Sung-kyu and the one-day part-time staff Lee Dong-wook, and how they would finish their job.

Lee Dong-wook once talked to Jang Sung-kyu on the phone in the episode “entertainment promotion team” of “Workman”. At that time, Lee Dong-wook agreed to Jang Sung-kyu’s invitation to appear on “Workman”. Therefore, this time the actor expressed his intention to join the show, saying he wanted to keep his promise.

lee dong wook

Accordingly, Lee Dong-wook, who had experienced many part-time jobs such as serving, washing dishes, cleaning up and even throwing trashes away when he was young, showed his good chemistry with Jang Sung-kyu as soon as he appeared and he also immediately adapted to the mission on “Workman”. Despite his busy schedule due to the recent filming of his upcoming drama, he participated in the show with his highest tension.

After arriving at the store that makes pizza for single pax, the two began to change their clothes into uniforms. In this scene, Jang Sung-kyu expressed his admiration for Lee Dong-wook’s perfect physique. Then, while preparing ingredients, he suddenly asked Lee Dong-wook to show some talents like acting a crying scene and singing for a bet of getting a finger flick.

lee dong wook

Lee Dong-wook and Jang Sung-kyu also spent time listening to the sincere stories of their guests. The full episode of “Workman” produced by JTBC Studio’s Studio Lululala will be uploaded on “Workman”’s official Youtube channel at 6 P.M on November 5th.


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