Lee Dong-wook suddenly shared that he would sing on The Sea of Hope, but it was Kim Go-eun’s reaction that attracted attention

It was such a surprise to Kim Go-eun when Lee Dong-wook announced that he would be singing a duet with AKMU’s Suhyun.

On JTBC’s “The Sea Of Hope,” which aired on the afternoon of the 10th, actor Lee Dong-wook informed Kim Go-eun that he had decided to sing the OST of “La La Land” with AKMU’s Su-hyun.

Kim Go-eun immdiately burst out laughing. “That’s so funny,” she said to Lee Dong-wook. “Someone who doesn’t sing even at karaoke suddenly said he’d sing. Really?”

Lee Dong-wook also laughed, saying, “When we go to karaoke, you and Gong Yoo sing all the songs. If there are 10 songs in total, Kim Go-eun has six songs, Gong Yoo has 3.5 songs, and I have 0.5 songs,” he joked. “So, do I still have a chance to sing?” 

Kim Go-eun then asked him why he decided to do a duet. Lee Dong-wook honestly replied, “I did it because Su-hyun told me to. It’s just because I don’t know how to do something funny.” In response, Kim Go-eun smiled and said: “But at least you have tried to do it!”

Meanwhile, The Sea of Hope is a healing show which combines three themes: sea, bar, and wish. The cast members open a bar on the seaside and offer the customers various foods, drinks, and musical acts so they can escape their daily lives for a moment. The show is broadcast every Tuesday at 9 PM on JTBC.

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