Lee Da Hae’s sweet ‘Lovestagram’ moment with Se7en

Lee Da Hae has just revealed her hidden rap talent and showed off her ‘lovestagram’ with Se7en.

On the evening of August 31, Lee Da Hae uploaded a video on her SNS account. With the dog in her arms, she said, “Mom, I’m gonna rap, okay? Listen carefully.” then started rapping.

Lee Da Hae’s sweet ‘Lovestagram’ moment with Se7en

She showed off such an unexpectedly amazing rap that if she introduces herself as a rapper, many people may believe. In the caption, the actress wrote: “I didn’t plan to upload this video, but Beun-ie (she called Se7en’s name in a cute way) kept telling me to post it. Are you going to tease me and told me to apply for ‘Show Me The Money’?”

In response to the couple’s cute moment, fans left many comments: “I thought you recorded this in the studio separately”, “Let’s go to Show Me The Money”, “So great”, “Unexpected rap skill”, “Unnie, you’re so pretty”

Lee Da Hae’s sweet ‘Lovestagram’ moment with Se7en

Lee Da Hae started dating Se7en in 2015. The couple officially publicized their love in 2016, and they have been dating for 7 years now.


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