Lee Da Hae boasted her Lovestagram with Se7en: taking photos for her boyfriend and calling him “the coolest person in the world”

Actress Lee Da Hae showed off her affection for her boyfriend Se7en.

Lee Da Hae Se7en

On September 7, Lee Da Hae posted several pictures on her Instagram and wrote: “#A_person_named_Beun (Beun means Se7en) asked me to take a picture of him. He was pretending to look at his phone and made a pose of being the coolest person in the world… His pose haha…#I_can’t_hold_my_laughter “Fighting #Se7en_the_coolest_man_in_the_world “

In the photos, Lee Da Hae and Se7en were spending time together. At Se7en’s request, Lee Da Hae became a photographer, and she was taking photos of her boyfriend. In front of Lee Da Hae’s camera, Se7en pretended to look at his phone in order to make a pose as if it’s a natural behavior. Netizens laughed so much looking at the couple’s sweet moments.

Lee Da Hae and Se7en have been in a public relationship for 7 years since 2016. The two appeared on a show recently and confidently showed off their love for each other. Every time this lovey-dovey couple appears in public, the two often make netizens feel happy for them.

Meanwhile, Se7en drew much of the public’s attention when he boasted that their relationship is still proceeding well on MBC’s variety show “Point of Omniscient Interfere”.

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