Lawyer powerful statement: Even if deemed guilty, Seungri is also given a gentle sentence

In the recent interview, an Entertainment Relay lawyer thought that Seungri would receive a 2-3 year sentence but could only be on probation.

Recently, a lawyer of Entertainment Relay predicted Seungri will receive a sentence of 2-3 years for the past allegations if the investigation results are true.

On the 5th day of the SBS program documentary, some accusations that the station exposed on Seungri earlier were included. Seungri has been accused of prostitution, spreading hidden illegal footage containing sensitive scenes of women without consent, accusations of bribing the police, tax evasion regarding the Monkey Museum club and embezzlement of funds through Monkey Museum and Yuri Holdings.

According to lawyer Kim Kwang Sam: “Although he is currently charged with at least 4 crimes, he is not a criminal who receives a long sentence. Even if he is given a sentence, it will be for only 2-3 years and it is possible that he will instead be placed on probation.”

There was news about whether Seungri told the chat room members or not. FT Island Jonghun saying that he changed the phones were considered fake evidence as Kim Kwang Sam announced that: “During the police investigation, many lies were discovered.”

Although there are many current accusations for Seungri, many lawyers consider that Seungri will only be falling into a mild sentence and can be placed on probation. This again caused much controversy in the public, but this is just the conclusion of the lawyer, all final results will be published by the police officially later.

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