Latest update of Han So Hee, who recently suffered a facial injury: A tattoo on her waist slightly revealed 

Han So Hee revealed her tattoo.

On October 3rd, Han So Hee shared several new photos of her on Instagram. A photo shows Han So Hee in Paris to attend an event for a fashion brand. She caught the eye by showing off her stunning visuals in a sleeveless dress.

In another photo, Han So Hee boasts her hip style while taking a mirror selfie, showing off her pierced eyebrows, and wearing a cropped tee. She particularly reveals a tattoo which is slightly visible on top of her pants, making fans curious.

In the past, Han So Hee had various tattoos on her body, but she erased them to become an actress. 

Meanwhile, Han So Hee was reportedly taken to the emergency room due to a wound around her eyes while filming Netflix’s upcoming drama “Gyeongseong Creature” on August 3rd.

Han So Hee’s agency said, “Fortunately, Han So Hee is not seriously injured, so it is not to the point of undergoing a surgery and having her filming schedule changed. She is going to take a break and monitor the progress since it’s an injury on her face.”

Han So-hee

Han So Hee’s next drama, “Gyeongseong Creature” is a thriller series set in the darkest spring of 1945. Two young people strive to survive as they confront a monster born of greed. Han So Hee’s male co-star this time is Park Seo Joon. 

Source: Wikitree

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