Latest song is complained, G-Friend immediately respond about music quality

Even though their latest song received many kinds of reaction, GFriend members are still confident that ‘Time For The Moon Night’ is a good song.

The girlgroup G-Friend has officially made a comeback with the latest album. Due to the title song “Time For The Moonight” and the group’s concept, this comeback involved in a lot of argument. Many people say that “Time For The Moonight” is not as good as fans’ expectation. Especially, other songs in the album receive even more compliments.

Korean netizens assume that G-Friend has not been able to make a real breakthrough in previous concepts despite the group’s efforts. However, there are still many people who like “Time For The Moonight” and its choreography, they assert that G-Friend is doing better than expected.
Lately, G-Friend members returned to the show “Weekly Idol” as they usually did in each comeback. This was the first time the group performed new title song in a TV show. The girls showed their confidence while performing in this special stage.

As to the argument about the title song, leader Sowon stated:“If “Time For The Moon Night” were not the song for us, we would change it ourselves”. Yerin added: “We wouldn’t have made a comeback if the song had not been good”.

G-Friend members seemed confident with their latest music product as well as with their fans’ support. MC Lee Sang Min agreed with GFriend: “A ballad song is considered successful if it can make the listeners cry, about choreography, it has to give audiences goose bumps. But with GFriend, all of your songs have surprised me all the time”.

It is seen that G-Friend members not only have amazing live singing abilities, but they are also able to perform very difficult, fast and powerful choreography. The group has just had some comeback stages and received many praised from these stages.

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