Late Choi Jin-sil’s son Z.flat responds coolly to malicious comments about his appearance

Z.flat responded coolly to malicious comments.

Choi Jin sil son Z flat

On October 16, Z.flat uploaded a picture on his Instagram along with caption, “What’s wrong with my ears?

The released screenshot contains a comment, ‘Are people with those ears good at making beats?‘ This may seem to be a compliment for making good beats at first glance, but in fact it has the meaning of judging and insulting other people’s appearance.

Z.flat drew attention by responding directly to the comment. Besides, he also replied to a message from an acquaintance who saw the post, “I’m back.

Z.flat is the late Choi Jin-sil‘s son. Recently, the young rapper got a pass necklace in the first round of Mnet’s ‘Show Me The Money 10’.

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