‘LALISA’ becomes the most-streamed song of the week on Global Spotify Chart by a K-pop solo artist in history

Just a week after its debut, Lisa’s solo debut song has reached more than 18 million streams on Spotify.

‘LALISA’ by Lisa (BLACKPINK) debuted at #18 on the Spotify Global Weekly chart with 18,455,241 filtered streams. Become the song of a K-pop solo artist with the most weekly streams on Spotify in history.

1. ‘LALISA’ – 18,455,241

2. ‘On The Ground’ – 18,358,124

3. ‘Gone’ – 13.238,406

4. ‘MONEY’ – 9,574.461

5. ‘Daechwita’ – 8,908,179

6. ‘Eight’ – 8,721,458

‘LALISA’ debuted at #1 on Spotify Weekly Thailand chart with 1,508,396 filtered streams. Currently, this is the song with the most weekly streams on Spotify Thailand in history. ‘MONEY’ ranked #2 with 1,098,802 streams.

‘LALISA’ debuted at #1 on Spotify Weekly Philippines chart with 2,270,045 filtered streams. This is the country that contributed the most to ‘LALISA’’s Spotify chart streams this week.

‘LALISA’ debuted at #1 on Spotify Weekly Malaysia chart with 603,976 filtered streams.

Total rankings of ‘LALISA’ songs in some countries on Spotify weekly charts:

#1 Thailand (1.50M)

#1 Philippines (2.27M)

#1 Malaysia (603.9K)

#1 Vietnam (506.9K)

#4 Korea (64.7K)

This latest achievement of “LALISA” has surpassed two solo debut songs of two sisters Rosé and Jennie (BLACKPINK). This clearly shows the influence of the member with the largest number of fans BLACKPINK. In addition, this week, “LALISA” continuously debuted on music charts of many countries around the world such as QQ Music Korean Hot 100 chart at #1, UK Singles Chart at #68. In addition, this talented girl has just won her first trophy on the weekly music show Inkigayo.

With continuous achievements after just a week of debut like this, it is expected that in the future, Lisa will continue to produce many explosive hits and become a talented solo artist!

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