Lai Guanlin is dating the hot girl from Word Of Honor, who is 3 years older than him?

Many people were surprised when “Angela Baby’s screen lover” -Lai Guanlin and actress Zhou Ye were dating even though they had previously participated in a TV show together.

Sohu page reported, on the afternoon of August 19, the Chinese paparazzi released a series of images that raised suspicions that Guanlin (Wanna One) was dating Zhou Ye – the beauty of ‘Word Of Honor’. According to information, the couple has dated and stayed together for 4 days. This news page also posted information that both of them tried to arrange work and then went to the same apartment building or hotel.

According to the revealed schedule, on July 31, Zhou Ye appeared at the apartment complex where Guanlin was staying in Shanghai, it was the male singer’s assistant who helped her up. The next day, the two were seen leaving one after another, one to the film set, one to the commercial set. On August 2, Zhou Ye continued to be seen leaving Guanlin’s house to go to the Hengdian film set.

lai guanlin chouye 820380180810388103
Zhou Ye appeared at Guanlin’s house
lai guanlin chouye 2830180301830831
Guanlin’s assistant helped her get to the male singer’s house

Paparazzi continued to follow the actress and discovered, on August 12, Zhou Ye had a reservation at a hotel in Shanghai. Notably, Guanlin also returned to this hotel after filming in Suzhou. On August 13, the two left this place in turn.

lai guanlin chouye 9203901293013910923
lai guanlin chouye 8302830810380138013
Image of 2 artists leaving the hotel in Shanghai one after another

Guanlin and Zhou Ye joined a Chinese reality show. In the show, the”Angela Baby‘s screen lover” has many close gestures with Zhou Ye. It is worth mentioning that in the past, Guanlin was said to have dated a more than 10-year-old senior named Ceci Zhang, born in 1991 (source recorded 1993). Dating Zhou Ye – a beauty 3 years older than him – shows that Guanlin tends to like someone who is older than him.

lai guanlin chouye 283 91083018083813 scaled 1
lai guanlin chouye 8308083081038131 scaled 1
lai guanlin chouye 83208301030813810 scaled 1
The couple in the TV show.
lai guanlin chouye 8230103818381830138 scaled 1
Guanlin is currently co-starring with Angela Baby. In the movie, the guy and his wife Huang Xiaoming play a couple in love

Zhou Ye was born in 1998, is an actress who is supported by Li Bingbing. She is best known for her role as A Xiang in ‘Word Of Honor’. This year 23 years old, the beauty of the Zhou family is highly appreciated for her delicate beauty and immense luxurious temperament. The close-up photos of her visual received great love from the public.

chou ye 831030830810381083 scaled 1
zhou ye 8084082083018038031 scaled 1
zhou ye 20382103810838013 scaled 1
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