Lai Guan Lin is rumored to be returning to China after Wanna One disbands, what does CUBE say about it?

CUBE has made an announcement regarding the recent rumor about Lai Guan Lin.

On September 27th, the representative from CUBE Entertainemnt officially denied the rumor that Wanna One’s maknae – Lai Guan Lin – would join a Chinese company and move to mainland China. Specifically, they said the future plan of Guan Lin has not been officially decided. All of the future plans will be announced after Wanna One officially disbands in late December.

Earlier on Friday, netizens had been passing around the rumor that Lai Guan Lin would return to China to work for the former company of actress Liu Hao after the disbandment of Wanna One. No matter what the future of Guan Lin will be, it still can’t be denied that the youngest member of Wanna One is currently one of the top ‘seeds’ of CUBE.

CUBE has denied the rumor about Guan Lin returning to China after Wanna One disbands.

Sources: k14

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