LABOUM’s leader, Yu Jeong, announced her departure from the group

LABOUM Yu Jeong decided to leave the group after her contract with the company expired.

LABOUM’s leader, Yu Jeong, announced her departure from the group

On the morning of September 8, Yu Jeong posted a handwritten letter on her Instagram, announcing that her 7-year exclusive contract with Global H Media has expired, and she decided to withdraw from the group.

Yu Jeong shared, “Our group is in the 8th year now, and our 7-year exclusive contracts with the company have expired. I have had lots of conversations with the company to discuss the contract since March. In the end, we decided to go our separate ways.”

She added, “Except for me, other members decided to renew their contracts and continue the group activities. However, this 7th anniversary will be the last activity that I participate in with the team. Standing at a huge crossroads when I finally reach the 30th year of my life, I have to think wisely and make careful choices. Therefore, since the breakout of COVID-19 pandemic last year, I have spent over a year thinking, worrying about many things, and praying for my decisions.”

Lastly, Yu Jeong expressed her gratitude to the members and fans: “LABOUM members have been together from August 2014 to August 2021. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank So Yeon, ZN, Hae In, and Sol Bin for protecting the group over these 7 years till the end. I want to thank Latte (LABOUM’s fandom name), who always supports us no matter what happens. It is thanks to you all that we are stronger and are able to get to the place we are standing today.”

Meanwhile, LABOUM debuted in 2014, and the group has been promoting actively in showbiz. Their song “Journey To Atlantis” released in 2016, has recently come back to the major charts and received huge love from netizens.

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