LA police are investigating the death threats sent to BTS’ Jimin

After BTS’ Jimin received death threats, the Los Angeles Police Department is reported to be investigating these threats.

On July 15th (KST), the NBC press reported that the LA police have been informed about the death threats that Jimin received and are keeping an eye on the case.
Recently, an international anti posted a photo threatening to kill BTS’ Jimin at their upcoming concert in LA, held at Staples Center on September 5th, which gathered much attention.
A representative from BigHit Entertainment responded to Newsen, “The company has also been informed. We are going to do our best to protect the members from these threats. There were similar incidents in the past that were prevented with thorough preparation. We will take necessary precautions if the situation worsens.
[Naver Top Comment]

  • Because it’s America, the face of the criminal would be revealed. The anti should be punished.
  • Being an idol is such a hard job – there are so many crazy people.
  • Jimin is human. He much be so scared to receive these death threats.I hope the person behind the threat can be caught.
  • I’m not Jimin’s fan but this is really serious. With the current gun laws, the anti can be very dangerous. Hopefully the LA police can do something about this.

Sources: ytn, Naver

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