Kwon Mina revealed the name of an AOA member, who likes to have sex, without hestitation

During a recent livestream, Kwon Mina, a former AOA member, has revealed her private life, saying that there is the one who likes sex among the member.

In an Instagram live broadcast on the morning of July 5th, Kwon Mina apologized to the ex of her boyfriend and gave an explanation about the cheating controversy. In addition, Mina also mentioned AOA’s bullying scandal. However, the most shocking thing was when she opened up that there was an AOA member who enjoyed sexual relations. 

Then she said, “(That member) said that I was illiterate. Why was I illiterate? My body let me appreciate. Did I have to have sex? Dating?”

She continued, “I want to say to people who have had cervical cancer because they have had a lot of sex. It’s not because I didn’t have sex. I was already sexually assaulted in middle school. And I had sex while I was dating when growing up.” and “However I didn’t do much like people at my age. I’m not that kind of woman who easily give away my body” she explained.

In particular, a fan asked Mina by saying, “An article came up to say that (you revealed) there was a member that enjoyed sexual relations. Online communities are asking who it is and sexually harassing the members. kekeke. Aren’t you going to take responsibility for hurting the members once again due to something you created?”

Mina then simply answered, “Ah, that’s Shin Jimin.” However, she quickly deleted the comment soon after. 

Meanwhile, there were countless worrying comments for Kwon Mina, such as “Stop SNS and focus on treatment”; “Since you acknowledge the mistake and made a clean apology live, so now stay away from SNS and restore your mental state”,…

Source: Nate

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