Kwon Mina returned to Instagram, released more evidence of AOA Jimin’s bullying scandal

A few days ago, Kwon Mina locked her Instagram account after trying to commit suicide.

At dawn on August 4, Kwon Mina unexpectedly reopened her Instagram account and immediately attracted attention with a new post.

Kwon Mina returned to Instagram, released more evidence of AOA Jimin's bullying scandal

In the latest post, the former AOA member wrote: “This is the most serious time when there are many false rumors being spread. It’s better to be indiscriminate insults. My management company and I have collected a lot of documents including screenshots, so please don’t think that you can destroy the evidence. Because those are the words that you have said. I will reveal all because whatever you say, the truth is still the truth. So no matter how hard you try, you can’t erase it. Sorry everyone for always causing trouble… However, I don’t think there will be a day when that person will say things like that… I’m so tired, I’m tired of everything things, about Shin-ssi and Yoo-ssi too…”

After that, Kwon Mina posted screenshots of the messages of a person, whom she introduced as a former FNC trainee but had to leave the company because of being bullied by Shin Jimin (AOA’s former leader).

Following the publication of these texts, netizens were perplexed as to why the former trainee used the same repetitious terms that Mina had previously used. Even their grammar mistakes have a lot in common. Some believe the texts were created by Kwon Mina herself. However, no definitive decisions have been reached, and netizens are still keeping a close eye on the incident.

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