Kwon Mina is aiming for a stable life with paintings, “I like drawing but I’m not really good at it”

Kwon Mina has just released the painting that she painted herself.

Kwon Mina, formerly AOA’s member, posted a photo on her Instagram with a caption: “Does it look like a Blue Rose? I like drawing, but I’m not really good at it. The painting looks so ugly. It resembles the red flower in the hwatu cards. I wasted my paint. I only painted it with magic. Anyone wanna buy it?”

kwon mina aoa

The female idol took a photo of her blue rose painting and posted it on SNS. She also expressed her regret due to her lack of ability in painting. It seems that Kwon Mina, who was involved in various rumors recently, has found peace in her mind through painting.

After seeing the painting, fans left their comments to compliment her: “It’s so beautiful! It’s not a waste of paint!”, “Oh you painted really well.^^. It looks nice anyway”, “It’s pretty, isn’t it?”, …

Meanwhile, Kwon Mina debuted with AOA in 2012 and left the group in May 2019. She revealed her boyfriend to the public through SNS. However, controversies broke out when her boyfriend was accused of cheating. Right after the issue arose, Kwon Mina posted her apology.


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