Kwon Mina has stated that she will inform the media of all details regarding AOA’s bullying scandal and the issue related to her ex

Earlier, Dispatch published the entire conversation between Mina and AOA members, attracting attention.

On September 8, Dispatch suddenly published a 128-minute record of conversations and Kakaotalk messages between AOA members. Accordingly, Shin Jimin repeatedly apologized to Mina. However, Mina doesn’t accept it because Jimin previously said that she doesn’t remember what happened. 

After Dispatch’s article went viral, Kwon Mina took to Instagram to ask them to provide the entire recording and also spoke out about her recent smoking scandal.

She then continued to post new posts, insisting that she would make everything public the next day. “I think the comments on Instagram are too toxic for me. You all said that my mother sent Yoo [ex-boyfriend] threatening messages regarding my suicide, right? The content is just like this. No further messages or replies.” 

*Message on July 27, 2021 (the day Mina attempted suicide):
“I am Mina’s mother. Mina is being transferred to the emergency room at Hanyang Hospital. I’m on my way, you should go there too.”

The former AOA member continued, “I’ll keep it short. In this case, I will meet with reporters, from tomorrow, to send all the photos. I will also honestly present all the events related to company F, the managers, Shin unnie, etc. If evidence and witnesses are needed, I will do my best to provide them.”

“I won’t say anything more on Instagram. I also admit to my wrongdoings. I’ll talk about it in my own reflection. Sorry, everyone.”

Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend, Yoo, also updated a photo that seems to be related to Mina’s latest statement. The screenshot clearly shows that there are 19 attached photos and 1 video. Yoo also added a line of words: “Only One?”, implying that what Mina said was not true.

After a series of controversies related to her ex, the smoking scandal, her Instagram posts,… Kwon Mina is facing unprecedented harsh criticism from the online community. Currently, Mina has deleted all photos on Instagram.

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