Kwon Mina, former AOA member, teamed up with Vietnamese singer Roy in the music video for “1cm”, marking both their returns to the entertainment business 

Kwon Mina, a former AOA member, resumed her entertainment activities by appearing in a music video.

Recently, Kwon Mina appeared in the video teaser of the Vietnamese singer Roy’s solo debut (“1cm”) to be released on the 2nd. Roy was a Vietnamese member of boy group “Z-boys”. Following his solo album in Vietnam on October 31st, he will release his solo song on a domestic music site on November 2nd.

Due to the aftermath of COVID-19, the multinational boy group Z-Boys disbanded while working in Korea which led Roy to return to his home country and met with SB Entertainment, a large Korean general entertainment company based in Vietnam. He was offered a solo debut in Vietnam. With another offer on the table, Roy promised to work even harder on the album than before.

Producer Joo Young-sung (Joo Castle), who is actively producing music in Korea and Vietnam, was in charge of the upcoming song “1cm”. He worked on both the music and music video in Korea. The female protagonist of the video was played by Kwon Mina who was supposed to be a lover to Roy.

kwon mina
Roy from the multinational group Z-Boyz.

Lee Sang-beom, CEO of SB Entertainment in Vietnam, said, “Roy is the best talent I have seen in the Vietnamese entertainment business. In addition, he is a singer who tries harder than anyone else, so he will be the best singer in Vietnam in the shortest period”.

Roy’s domestic activities will be handled by HR Entertainment, a partner company.

Source: Daum

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