Kwon Mina filed a complaint about being sexually harassed, Busan Police will launch an investigation

After Kwon Mina revealed on a Youtube talk show that she was sexually harassed at the age of 14, the Busan Police Agency has launched an investigation.

On September 3, the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency announced, “The Investigation Team on Crimes related to young females is currently investigating the case of AOA’s former member Kwon Mina who used to be sexually harassed. We can’t reveal any detail because the investigation is ongoing.”

On September 1, in a talk show on the Youtube channel “점점TV”, Kwon Mina confessed that she was sexually harassed by a male student when she was. She said, “I was hit with a beer bottle for more than 4 hours. I got hit all over my body except for my face. It would be fine if I only got injured, but I was raped.”

She added, “The investigation will be expired in 2023, but I’m not hoping for this case to end. That guy had married and already had 3 children.”

Due to the seriousness of the incident, the police decided to launch an investigation with the consent of Kwon Mina.

Last year, Kwon Mina was embroiled in a controversy when she revealed that she had been bullied by AOA’s leader Jimin for many years during AOA’s activities. After communicating with fans through SNS, it was reported that she attempted to risk her life many times due to her ex-boyfriend’s two-timing scandal.

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