Kwon Mina exposed her real older sister, “She said she would sue me and my mother. Let’s all die”

Kwon Mina (former AOA member) revealed the conflict with her older sister.

On the afternoon of October 6th, Kwon Mina uploaded a long post on her Instagram and began with, “I became a fool because of Shin Ji Min, now my real older sister also treats me like this. Why should I live like this?”

She said, “My life is like sh*t. This life is real trash. My sister said she would find a way to reduce taxes. I paid the taxes, but she didn’t return the rest of the money to me. Even when it was spent on business funds, it was still a big amount. Suddenly, my sister found out about my car, so I went to the café, and there were two pictures. Maserati? Why did you buy it under my name when you couldn’t afford it? Recently, the owners of the Benz and Maserati were changed.

Kwon Mina continued by writing to her sister:

“Since last time, you have accused me of tax evasion. Come to think of it; I don’t know what I have done wrong. My friends will all know what kind of person you are. I didn’t think about the benefits you got from me and did my best to help you with your business.

If I did tax evasion, are you going to accuse your only younger sister of tax evasion? This thing will get bigger. Say everything. I will confidently accept all investigations. It was you who said you could take care of the taxes first. I don’t have to collapse anymore. I will face everything confidently.”

She shared, “I was bullied by Shin Jimin for 10 years. I was caught spitting swear words that I couldn’t say for 7 months, and people called me a crazy girl. Even when everything is so unfair, I still have to shut up and live. And now, do I even have to fight with my older sister? If all Shin Jimin’s positions are gathered, what should I do? I feel like dying because I can give any evidence. Let’s all die. My sister said she would sue the mother who gave birth to her and me. Is this called family?

Earlier, Kwon Mina revealed that she was bullied by leader Jimin (real name Shin Jimin) during AOA’s activities. However, Dispatch released the transcript of Kwon Mina and Jimin’s conversation last month, and controversies arose when it turned out that Kwon Mina did send abusive texts to Jimin.

As the issue continued to become more serious, Kwon Mina said, “I became more violent because I was so into the revenge. I wanted to make her pay back everything, so I made remarks and did actions that I shouldn’t.” After that, she suspended her SNS activities and only returned on the 30th of last month.

Sources: nate

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