Kwon Mina posts another self-harm photo on Instagram

Netizens are very worried about Kwon Mina’s mental condition.

On April 27, Kwon Mina (former AOA member) posted a photo of a bloody hand on her personal Instagram. It seemed she continued to harm herself by deliberately cutting her wrists.

Attached to the photo, Mina wrote: “Why are you so dirty and squeamish? Every word of you, I solve it like this. You talk about compassion so give me some compassion. You want me to go to a psychiatric clinic? I’ve been there for over 10 years. Why did I go crazy and you’ve lived in me? You know nothing, I’ve been trampling and tearing every day, and I’ve lived like an idiot”.

Previously, on the afternoon of 26th April, Kwon Mina uploaded a long post on her Instagram account.

She said, “At the psychiatry where I have to go, I talked to a nurse who is much younger than me. It was 8 months ago. She talked to me a few times with an angry voice“. Kwon Mina shared that she had a panic attack during a mentally difficult time.

She continued, “I couldn’t go to the hospital after that and they contacted me again after 8 months. But the young nurse answered the phone again. In the third call today:

“This is the 7th time, I don’t want to put up with this anymore”

“You did this because of me?”

“I’m hanging up”

“Let me know if there’s anything or any problem”

“No, I’m hanging up”

“Why are you talking to me like that?”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I’m hanging up”

Kwon Mina eventually talked face-to-face with the nurse but was told that it was a misunderstanding. She said, “Is this how a nurse treats patients who are suffering from depression? “Why are you overusing your power? How would you feel if someone in your family was ignored by a nurse like you, got a tantrum, and got angry with someone much younger than you?” “I went for treatment, not your anger.”

Kwon Mina revealed that the nurse said she had quit the position. “You are not qualified. I agree that it is right for you to leave. You should learn more and think more about patients. You shouldn’t go to the hospital and hurt the patient. Don’t give it to me.”

Meanwhile, Kwon Mina signed an exclusive contract with an actor company after leaving AOA. However, she recently canceled the contract.  She later gathered cheers for the news that she had started a beauty business by establishing her own company.

Source: Instagram, Nate

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