Kwon Mina apologized for mentioning Sulli on the talk show and clarified the misunderstanding about her father

AOA’s former member, Kwon Mina directly explained the suspicions that arose after the talk show that marked her return was aired.

Kwon Mina

On September 2, Kwon Mina posted on her SNS:

“My father is not a gangster. It’s true that gangsters are all around, but my father was a true man even when he didn’t have money. I’m upset because I didn’t know that the show only aired my bad memories with him and the part that I expressed my resentment against him. I didn’t mean to left a bad remark on him who had passed away.

“I had done nothing for him when he was alive. It’s true that I lived with my mom since I was 6-7 years old, so I didn’t have much chance to meet him. However, during the shooting, the moment Mr. Lee Yoo Yeop said that not my sister or my mom but it was I who had missed him and waited for him more than anyone else, I could only cry because that’s the truth that I couldn’t deny. I missed him when he was alive, even until now I still miss him but I don’t want to tell more about my family. You may not understand, but there were many times when I hated my father and was scared of him, but on the other hand, I also wanted to cheer him up. I can still feel those emotions at this moment. I don’t want to mention more about my family story, especially those difficult times. However, I always miss him; no matter how much I used to hate him, I have forgiven the past, and I just wanna say I love him.”

Regarding the mention of Sulli, Kwon Mina said:

“I’ve always been afraid to mention Jin Ri. If I had known the script for the show in advance, I would have refused to answer those questions. I always pray for her with all my heart. However, I didn’t know that they would ask me questions about Jin Ri. I think I have made the viewers uncomfortable because I mentioned her name all of a sudden, but I have to say that I was also surprised when I was asked the question about her. Even if I couldn’t cut off the story in the middle of the shooting, it was my fault that I didn’t check the scene after that. Once again, I’m sorry.”

“Although there were some misunderstandings because of the editing, I was having a good time at the show. I received a lot of good advice from the guests. There were more interesting things, but they were edited out. However, I’m thankful that I was invited to appear on the show. Fans have left many messages and comments for me, many articles were published, and even my friends were also worried for me. Even though I can’t tell you everything, I still want to explain a little bit through this post. I can’t get the full video of the show, but I will ask the production team to let me re-watch it. I will try to find out the part that displayed my wrong attitudes or the conversations that caused misunderstandings and explain them all!”

“Anyway, I feel great being able to appear in front of the camera after 3 years.”

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