Kwon Min-ah is relieving self-harm after receiving exorcism, which her mother also experienced

Kwon Min-ah, a former member of the group AOA, told how she has improved since she met a shaman.

Recently, former AOA member Min-ah shocked Korean netizens as she posted photos of self-harm, claiming that she had endured severe bullying from fellow AOA member Jimin. At the peak of the controversy, Jimin decided to retire from the entertainment industry and hid from the public eye after stating she had apologized to Min-ah.

Yesterday (June 18), Min-ah surprised many people once again by leaving a lengthy post on her Instagram explaining she had gotten much better after performing shamanistic rituals.

The following is Kwon Min-ah’s full text:

“I’m saying this out of the blue, but since a lot of people are still worried, I’m going to talk about what I’ve been through. I’m going to briefly explain it because it’s going to be too long to talk in detail from the beginning to the end.

I did a exorcism a while ago. About four years ago, I’ve heard a lot about the need to do it, but I didn’t believe it, and the cost was burdensome. I have no religion, but I believe in everything like Spirits, the dead, the ghost, God, Jesus, Bucheon, etc. In early May, I tried to commit suicide in Busan, got general anesthesia, wrote a blood transfusion agreement, and completed suture surgery, but my ligament and vein nerve lines were cut off, leaving severe pain and numbness, and I couldn’t move my fingers. When I got home, I couldn’t remember anything for five days, but when I looked at my stomach, there was a scars left by a knife. It has been getting worse and worse. I didn’t feel anything when I saw myself that way.

I went to Cheongju to go to the art museum, but the reservations were full, so I went to the new store for fun instead. Then I heard various stories about my maternal grandmother and grandfather. On the next day, I thought of an exorcism as my last hope. There was a voice said I was living with ghosts in my body, it was not me. So I kept committing suicide and self-harm, and my grandmother and my grandfather were whom kept me alive. Believe it or not, I did exorcism, chased bad spirits all away.

After that, I haven’t hurt my body, I reduced my medications, ate well, and I slept better than before. My left hand is not fully healed, but I can move it. And above all, I have a sense of motivation, I want to work, I want to meet people, and everyone who saw me said that my face has become clearer and brighter. Of course, it’s a lie to say that I’ve healed all at once, including depression, anxiety, and insomnia, but I feel very comfortable these days. Why did I even do that? Was it really the actions of another thing being inside my body? Anyway, as my ancestors told me to go back to the bright and active Min-ah in the old days, it seems that I am gradually finding my original self, so it’s very novel… I feel thankful and fortunate.

I don’t think doing exorcism things will fix everything. I don’t want to recommend it. Just wanted to tell you that I’ve made a big difference. Don’t worry, I’m taking care of myself day by day. My maternal grandmother and my mother actually experienced divination too. I think the ghosts were well attached. Haha, honestly, I don’t know how much I should believe, but I will trust myself and love myself from now on. So don’t worry about me now.

P.S: You might think that I am crazy because I talk about exorcism and bring up such stories as ghosts and the dead, but it’s not like that. I hope you will keep an eye on the future I’ll also show up with the original Kwon Min-ah’s brave and bright appearance. Oh, and the symptoms of fainting or falling down several times every day for no reason are gone. It’s very ironic and embarrassing. Anyway, have a good night everyone. Thanks for reading this long post haha”

Meanwhile, Kwon Min-ah confessed in July last year that she had been bullied and  had to endure difficult times during her idol career with AOA. Since then, Min-ah has raised public concern by many times making a stir.

Source: Nate, Instagram

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