Krystal confesses she was hurt because of the comments that criticized her “cold image.”

Krystal has opened up about people’s comments on her face and personality.

Recently, f(x)’s Krystal has starred in the movie “Player”. Krystal‘s character in the movie is a cool young girl with powerful motor-driven footage. To promote the movie, the cast of “Player” joined tvN’s “Life Bar” on September 27th. The members had an intimate and open talk about their work as well as their individual thoughts.

Krystal admitted that she is the type that worries a lot about everything, she said, “I am always thinking of the worst. I also tend to look forward to things too much and if I think positively I hate myself when it turns out that it’s not what I had expected.”

Talking about her cold image both in the movie and in life, Krystal reveals a fact that surprised everyone, that the idol always feels the pressure to maintain a cold image. This has led her to be misunderstood by the public as being arrogant and rude.

Heechul then explained about Krystal’s image: “She appears like that when you first met her, she looks chic and cool but once you get to know her she is just like everyone her age.

Because of this image, Krystal has received many criticisms of arrogance, coldness and lack of friendliness from netizens: “I used to get stressed when I was young since I debuted back when I was 15 years old. I was also very upset to hear those comments back when I was young but it’s not like that anymore. I don’t care much about it. I don’t use the internet often but when I do, I use it and get off without reading such comments.

After hearing Krystal’s thoughts, netizens have left some comments below the video:

  1. [+53, -3] If you’re a fan, doesn’t everyone know that Krystal has a lot of aegyo?
  2. [+43, -3] All the actors that have worked with Soo Jung all say that unlike her cold image – she’s nice, cute, and overflowing with aegyo
  3. [+28, -1] Cutie pie Krystal, she’s cute
  4. [+27, -1] Every time she does a drama, her co-stars say nice things, I wish the hate commenters would stop saying she’s bitchy

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