Kris Wu’s sad 31st birthday after his shocking scandal

After only 1 year, Kris Wu’s life has completely changed.

November 6 is the birthday of Kris Wu, the male singer who was once an A-list star. On this day in previous years, Kris Wu was congratulated by many celebs as well as surrounded by the love of millions of fans. This year, however, things have completely changed.

Kris Wu

His 31st birthday is a sad birthday. In July 2021, a series of scandals broke out. The male singer was then detained and eventually arrested on suspicion of raping minors. Currently, according to some sources, Wu Yifan is still being detained at Chaoyang police station, Beijing. Thus, the male singer celebrated his birthday this year in prison, with no birthday cake, no candles, no flowers or wishes from fans and colleagues.

Kris Wu

Currently, authorities have not yet reached a final conclusion on his case. However, his career was definitely ruined.

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