Kris Wu’s mother is arrested by the police, the true crime is revealed?

Information about Kris Wu’s biological mother is gaining attention on social media.

QQ reported that on September 8, a blogger unexpectedly shared information on Douban that Kris Wu’s mother – Stacey Wu – was also arrested with her son. Notably, another source on Weibo disclosed the same news.  This is currently the hottest and most widely shared information on social media.

According to these two sources, the reason Kris Wu’s mother was arrested was that she deliberately covered up for her son. According to QQ, if the rumors are true, this means that Stacey Wu knows very well about the illegal actions of her son in the past. Previously, she had reported to the police with the intention of sending Du Meizhu to prison, but it turned out that the person she accidentally sent to jail was her son Wu Yifan.


Currently, it is not clear whether the rumor that Kris Wu’s mother is arrested is true or not because no competent authorities or police have yet to speak out about the case.  The last time netizens saw Kris Wu’s mother appear was on August 17 – after the news of Kris Wu’s arrest was announced. The paparazzi captured the moment Stacey Wu appeared near her house, wearing a long dress, in a heavy mood, walking slowly and constantly looking at her mobile phone.


Earlier, it was reported that, because she was too upset and always struggled to save her son, Stacey constantly sobbed in pain, “washed her face with tears” and could only sleep 15 hours during half a month. She also tried to contact her ex-husband – whom she had not spoken to in decades – to save her son. Kris Wu’s father also flew from Guangzhou to Beijing to find a way to rescue him. However, according to another source, he refused to help his ex-wife.



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