Kris Wu tops Weibo hot search after unexpected new move while awaiting trial behind bars

Every move of Kris Wu garners much attention from Chinese netizens. 

Being arrested over suspicion of rape for nearly 3 months, Kris Wu faces an unprecedented blacklist in the history of China’s entertainment industry. Every new piece of information related to the male star is constantly updated by the Chinese media and bloggers.

On November 12, Sina reported on Kris Wu’s unexpected new move. Accordingly, Kris Wu voluntarily applied to withdraw his lawsuits against two defendants, a Weibo user and a company in Shenzhen, about an online legal liability dispute. After the review process, the court approved the former EXO member to withdraw the lawsuit.

Netizens are curious as to why the male singer suddenly made such a decision while awaiting his trial in prison. This became a trending topic on Weibo. The keyword “Kris Wu withdrew lawsuits” ranked 1st on Weibo hot search after the news was published.

Meanwhile, netizens left comments: “Did he not give up on other legal cases yet?”, “Focus on your sentence”, “I’m still waiting for the decision of the authorities regarding Kris Wu’s crimes”,…

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