Kris Wu reacts to the shocking s** scandal: Revealing the details of Du Meidzu’s accusation but unfortunately reveal the “self-destruction” details?

Not only that, in another development, Du Meidzu – Kris Wu’s ex lover also encountering some problems

Sina reported, on the evening of July 19, after a long day filled with countless shocking information released by Du Meidzu and many popular Chinese hot girls, Kris Wu continued to have a second response about the incident, justifying the shocking details that made the whole Chinese showbiz wobble.

In the latest press release, Kris Wu’s side denied the accusations made by Du Meidzu, asserting that he had only met this girl once, the remaining 6 people present in this meeting had may appear in court as a witness.

Kris Wu’s side released a photo of an extortion email, using a threatening tone sent by Du Meidzu to the studio on July 10.

In the following emails, Du Meidzu demanded 8 million yuan, then bargained down to 5 million yuan. In the end, she agreed to a price of 3 million yuan, of which 1 million yuan was given to her, 1 million yuan for the victims, another 1 million yuan would be transferred later  when she deleted the post.

Du Meidzu’s message was released by Kris Wu’s studio

Moreover, netizens are excited about the sudden disappearance of Du Meidzu when she didn’t answer the reporters’ call. A friend of this girl shared with page 163 that a mysterious man called her and threatened him: “Try to stay with your sister a little longer.”

Not only that, the singer also admitted that Stacey Wu (Kris Wu’s mother) has transferred the amount of 500,000 yuan to Du Meidzu with the reason that she could not stand the scandal. 

Finally, Kris Wu’s studio denied that the account used to chat and negotiate with Du Meidzu was created by the girl, accusing this hotgirl of setting up a fake account to make up stories. In addition, the team has transferred the case to the lawyer for settlement.

However, Cnet suddenly found out the “self-destruction” details of Kris Wu’s crew. Although denying and denying the transfer to Du Meidzu, Cnet discovered that the avatar of the chat account of Kris Wu’s studio is the same as the avatar of the account that transferred 300,000 yuan to this hotgirl, proving her words that Kris Wu’s crew is somewhat absurd.

Source: Sina

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