Kris Wu ran away, sold off the super villa because of 568 million yuan of compensation for his scandal?

After more than a week of the shocking scandal, Kris Wu lost everything in his hand, from his career to expensive advertising contracts. The movie project The Golden Hairpin with Yang Zi is at risk of being cancelled up to 90%. The former EXO member faces an expected compensation of up to 568 million yuan. Not only that, he is facing a high chance of his going to jail if the accusations from the hot girl victims are true. Now, people are wondering “Does Kris Wu run away? Where is he now? Is he going to do anything?”

In the midst of the crisis, the QQ site had an article revealing the current status. A source in the industry said Kris Wu is having to appraise the real estate he has in hand. Because of Kris Wu’s scandal, The Golden Hairpin might not be broadcasted. This means that the male singer has to pay a huge amount of compensation. In order to solve the problem, Kris Wu is going to sell his super villa to get money to pay for the team.

The Golden Hairpin project is in danger of not being broadcasted, it is likely that Kris Wu will be sued and claim compensation.

Before that, netizens used to talk about the fact that Kris Wu’s attention of running away. People are widely sharing the images of his empty company without a shadow of people. Not to mention the information that the former EXO member sold a Porsche worth billion yuan. This action further speculated that the male singer are having a plan of fleding after the scandal had more bases.

Currently, everything is still rumors on newspapers and social networks. There is still no character to confirm the current situation of Kris Wu. Right now, what’s more concerning is the police investigations into the scandal involving underage girls and the scary tricks that this idol applies to them.

Source: QQ

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